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Post  OBLiTERATiON on Mon Jun 16, 2008 2:51 am

Well, I visited the site, and it said that I am now banned too. They deleted all the posts, and said they are moving. So let's review my experiences, shall we...

  • May 25 /26 - Mobat and I thought it would be a good idea to have a website, so we went to work.
    We stayed up until 5am one morning working on our cool new site. The site was then up and running, and we started inviting members.
  • May 27 - I saw UYAGOD, thought he was a cool guy, and let him talk me into making him an admin.
    Then, I left for my vacation, leaving the forum up to Mobat andUYAGOD.
  • June 7 - I get back, to find out that UYAGOD has bought a ventrilo, and hired ashisthebest as another admin without me or mabat's permission.
  • June 10 - UYAGOD creates some kind of VIP section, which would end up causing many fights.
  • All this time, trouble is brewing between the admin's. Somehow, UYAGOD talks his way into mobat's password, which is the founder account. UYAGOD also knows mobat's paypal account numbers and passwords. With no worries, we all trust UYAGOD.
  • June 11 - Long Shot joins the forums. UYAGOD loves him, and makes him moderater very quickly.
  • June 12 - UYAGOD and Long Shot purchase vBulletin hosting, thinking they're buying a vBulletin.
  • June 13 - UYAGOD reportedly takes $20.00 out of Mobat's paypal account. Mobat is hesitant, but keeps the account open, still trusting UYAGOD.
  • June 14 - UYAGOD tells Mobat that I said a bunch of crap about him, which was not in the least bit true. Mobat and I talked about it, and we realize UYAGOD is up to something. So me and mobat make a plan to be nice to UYAGOD.
  • June 15 - UYAGOD makes Long Shot an admin, without my permission. UYAGOD asks Mobat to verify his credit card number, and when Mobat says no, UYAGOD bans Mobat's IP address from the site, changes the password to the Mobat account (Founder account), deletes Mobats youtube, deletes his UYA account, takes $100 out of Mobat's, threatens Mobat, and tries to delete his email address. But UYAGOD and Long Shot still trust me, so we start to make the new digital insanity site. They think that I hate Mobat too (me and mobat's plan). However, when I slip up and they find me talking with Mobat, they ban me from the site as well. (I haven't checked yet, but my UYA account may be deleted). At this point, UYAGOD and Long Shot have completely stolen the site from Mobat and I, who created the site in the first place. They went to work on their new site, and Jaggedge, who was on our side, talked to them, and they trusted him. We then told silverflame and Mc131313 and Hammy about it, and they all had different ideas. We ended up making this site, which we will keep to ourselves with no more admins to "trust."
  • June 16 - I am writing this post, still wondering if we should do anything about this...

[*]June 17 - MoBaT is crying about all his losses Crying or Very sad [/list]

What have we learned?
  1. Only share things with people you REALLY trust.
  2. UYAGOD and Long Shot are assholes.
  3. If you join their new site you are dumb.
  4. There are people in life that will do things that aren't right. Don't stoop to that level.

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Post  JaGgEdGe on Mon Jun 16, 2008 2:56 am

I love you oblit.


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Post  FlincH on Mon Jun 16, 2008 5:00 pm

wow...just wow.....Dude Hire me and I'll break their little necks dude.

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Post  SilverFlame on Mon Jun 16, 2008 9:59 pm


Would it be and akward moment to ask why I'm not an admin like everyone else, right now? D=
FlamEEdit ~ Wow. That was quick xD Thanks xD

Shot is still in my Clan. Should I kick him? Or harass him on the Clan Message? xD

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