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Ultimate Lag Program Empty Ultimate Lag Program

Post  JaGgEdGe on Sun Jun 15, 2008 6:03 pm

megaupload.com K95L56SZ

This is the ULTIMATE LAG PROGRAM. To use this program, open up the winRar file from th site provided from the upload. Then open the file Ultimate port final then click either "ultimate lagg" or "port pron" if you get an error message, place the Mswinsck.ocx file in the icon of the program in your desktop then click and add your ps2 ip address on the port pron section the add DATA 3 times in caps like "DATA DATA DATA," then click start. I suggest you use no more than 3000 for the power. Too much power will lag you out, or go to ulitimate lag and click start if u see the waiting for network response that usually means stop the lagg and use 3 secs later. Well thats all, and thanks for using. HAPPY LAGGING Smile


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