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Post  SilverFlame on Sun Jun 15, 2008 5:42 pm

Thought I would carry some traditional threads from another popular forum site to this one =P

Post some funny pictures you have found here! Here are the general rules from the other site.

Continue posting your funny pictures here. However, make sure they are actually funny and don't spam the thread with off-topic comments. There has been way to much chatting and spamming in the previous threads and it has to stop. Off-topic comments will be deleted. This is a thread for funny pictures so make sure that is what we get to see.

Quoting Pictures
Don't do it. It's pretty simple. There are several other ways to comment than to quote. You can post a link to the post, or you can just put "[img]" or link to the image. All I don't want to see is the image. If you quote a picture, your post will be deleted with a simple generic message. You'll be allowed to repost, but if you constantly do it, expect to be banned.

It is perfectly fine to post a webcomic or two in this thread, but when it gets to the point where you're posting the website's daily updates and posting ten or more at a time, it's just not excusable. Feel free to post a few webcomics from a site and include a link as to where we can read more, but don't post the site's full archive here. Thanks.

Please don't post your comments in this thread. It will get way too spammy or even turn into flaming and nobody really wants to see that. This thread is for posting pictures, so if you're not going to do that, there's no need to reply.

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