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Post  JaGgEdGe on Sun Jun 15, 2008 5:22 pm

Universal Stack Copier Routine (DO NOT JOKER, MUST HAVE) (Gtlcpimp)
20095108 03e00008
20095120 3C080009
20095124 8D095100
20095128 11200003
2009512C 00000000
20095130 10000007
20095134 00000000
20095138 25096000
2009513C AD09510C
20095140 8D290000
20095144 AD095100
20095148 3C09000A
2009514C AD095104
20095150 8D095100
20095154 8D0A5104
20095158 8D0B5108
2009515C 8D2C0000
20095160 158B0016
20095164 00000000
20095168 AD4B0000
2009516C 8D2C0004
20095170 AD4C0004
20095174 254A0014
20095178 AD0A5104
2009517C 8D0C510C
20095180 258C0004
20095184 AD0C510C
20095188 8D890000
2009518C 11200004
20095190 00000000
20095194 AD095100
20095198 1000000D
2009519C 00000000
200951A0 AD005100
200951A4 3C09006E
200951A8 3C0A0028
200951AC 254AA9A0
200951B0 AD2A5370
200951B4 10000006
200951B8 00000000
200951BC AD4C0000
200951C0 25290004
200951C4 254A0004
200951C8 AD095100
200951CC AD0A5104
200951D0 03e00008

USC: Stack (DO NOT JOKER, MUST HAVE) (Gtlcpimp)
20096000 00629360
20096004 0063a7e0
20096008 00659b90
2009600C 00658ee0
20096010 0063d1b0
20096014 0063db70
20096018 003f5bb0
2009601C 003c5650
20096020 0049af70
20096024 0057d8d0
20096028 0057ca90
2009602C 003c37e0
20096030 003c3320
20096034 005418c0
20096038 00541630
2009603C 0034fbc0
20096040 004954d0
20096044 00432020
20096048 00430ca0
2009604C 004310d0
20096050 004275a0
20096054 0056db10
20096058 0056c6a0
2009605C 003c4890
20096060 005862d0
20096064 00000000

Activate Stack Copier (See Notes Below; Joker ON ONLY) (Gtlcpimp)
206e5370 00095120

Activate Stack (See Notes Below; Joker ON ONLY) (Gtlcpimp)
206e9e74 000A0000
200A0724 0c028218
200A09D0 0c028692
200A09F4 0c02846b
200A11F8 0c0284a2
200A21A0 0c028903
206ba310 000EF864
200EF864 0260202D
200EF868 0240282D
200EF86c 0220302D
200EF870 0c028a19
200EF874 0200382D
200EF878 DFBF0040
200EF87c 7BB30030
200EF880 7BB20020
200EF884 7BB10010
200EF888 7BB00000
200EF88c 03E00008
200EF890 27BD0050
206e5374 000A29F4
200A2E20 0c028d14
200a39bc 0c029277
200a3f38 0c029277
200a4004 0c029277
200A42DC 0c029277
200A4A58 0c0292a7
206e5380 000A52D4
206e5384 000A56AC
206e7af8 000A5B20
206e7afc 000A605C
200a3f7c 0c02986b
200a4048 0c02986b
200a4094 0c02986b
200a4404 0c02986b
200a6ae8 0c02986b
206e56fc 000EF900
200EF900 8C840004
200EF904 00c0282d
200EF908 08029bd3
200EF90C 00e0302d
200a7588 0c029e14
200a7a70 0c029f20
200a7f84 0c02a11a
200a8568 0c02a20d
200a8878 0c02a29c
206e5378 000a8b28
200a4afc 0c02a490

-= The following codes require the above codes to be used first. =-

Super Tags On (Gtlcpimp)
200A1624 10000000
200A1634 10000000
200A1648 10000000
200A1654 10000000
200A1664 10000000
200A167C 10000000
200A1688 10000000
200A169C 10000000
200A16AC 10000000
200A16CC 10000000

Super Tags Off
200A1624 104300f3
200A1634 10200036
200A1648 14400031
200A1654 1040002e
200A1664 1440002a
200A167C 144000a0
200A1688 10400021
200A169C 1040001c
200A16AC 10400010
200A16CC 45000008

Super Jump On (Gtlcpimp)
200A2978 3c0240a0
200A297c 44820000

Super Jump Off
200A2978 3c020071
200A297c c440ec48

Weapon Master On (Gtlcpimp)
200A3958 2fc27fff
200A40F4 2fc27fff
200a36a8 00000000
200a61e0 00000000
200a8da8 00000000
200a8dac 00000000
200a933c 00000000

Weapon Master Off
200A3958 2fc20003
200A40F4 2fc20003
200a36a8 0c125174
200a61e0 0c12533c
200a8da8 0c0f0fcc
200a8dac 4600a306
200a933c 0c15af20

Rapid Fire On (Gtlcpimp)
200a9300 26220000
200a9330 24420000

Rapid Fire Off
200a9300 2622ffff
200a9330 24420001

Rapid Fire + Fast Fire Rate On (Gtlcpimp)
200a9264 10000023

Rapid Fire + Fast Fire Rate Off
200a9264 04400004

One Shot Kill On (Gtlcpimp)
200a8ac0 46000080

On Shot Kill Off
200a8ac0 46000883

Vertical Clipping On (Gtlcpimp)
200A5370 00000000

Vertical Clipping Off
200A5370 0c12905c

Sky Walker On (Deft)
200A57A8 00000000

Sky walker Off
200A57A8 0c10d68c

Ghost On (Deft)
200A5A70 00000000

Ghost Off
200A5A70 0C0D7338

Vehical Flash On (Gtlcpimp)
200A5B60 3C013E19
200A5B64 44810000

Vehical Flash Off
200A5B60 0c14e498
200A5B64 00000000

Vehical Spider Man v3 On (Deft)
200A60F0 00000000

Vehical Spider Man v3 Off
200A60F0 0C1510F4

Imposter Theif On (See Notes Below; Gtlcpimp)
200A2660 0c024400

Imposter Theif Off
200A2660 0c0ce458

Imposter Theif Routine (DO NOT JOKER)
20091000 8C8A0014
20091004 8D4A0008
20091008 8D4A0004
2009100c 8D4A0014
20091010 3C0B006B
20091014 256B7F68
20091018 814C0000
2009101c A16C0000
20091020 254A0001
20091024 256B0001
20091028 1580FFFB
2009102c A16C0000
20091030 03e00008

Rapid Switch Teams On (Gtlcpimp)
200A06DC 0c029845

Rapid Switch Teams Off
200A06DC 00000000


Water Physics On (Gtlcpimp)
206bd074 004901a0
206bd078 004901a0

Water Physics Off
206bd074 004900ec
206bd078 00490128

Swim On Land On (Gtlcpimp)
206bd00c 0048cd5c

Swim On Land Off
206bd00c 0048c9bc

Force Game On (Gtlcpimp)
206a14e4 00264d50

Force Game Off
206a14e4 00264540

(Shitty) Auto-Skywalker On (Gtlcpimp)
206bd004 0048cd5c

(Shitty) Auto-Skywalker Off
206bd004 0048c99c

No Shaded Players v1 On (Gtlcpimp)
206a2370 00000000

No Shaded Players v1 Off
206a2370 00000001

No Shaded Players v2 On (Gtlcpimp)
206a2378 00000000

No Shaded Players v2 Off
206a2378 bf800000

Freeze Player v1 On (Gtlcpimp)
206a2368 00000000

Freeze Player v1 Off
206a2368 00000001

Invincible On (Gtlcpimp)
206BBCD0 00427574
206BBCD4 00427574
206BBCD8 00427574
206BBCDC 00427574
206BBCE0 00427574
206BBCE4 00427574

Invincible Off
206BBCD0 00427428
206BBCD4 00427428
206BBCD8 00427428
206BBCDC 00427380
206BBCE0 00427428
206BBCE4 00427428

Rotate Player On (Gtlcpimp)
206b7030 3f800000
206b7034 3f800000
206b7038 3f800000

Rotate Player Off
206b7030 00000000
206b7034 00000000
206b7038 00000000

Login = Force Register Name On (Gtlcpimp)
206a1184 00265bc0

Login = Force Register Name Off
206a1184 002658d0

Perfect No Fall Damage + Sky Trix Effect + 50% Spider Man On (Gtlcpimp)
206bcff4 0048caa0
206bd034 0048d6fc

Perfect No Fall Damage + Sky Trix Effect + 50% Spider Man Off
206bcff4 0048c96c
206bd034 0048d58c

Climb = Proxy Jump / Sling Shot On (Gtlcpimp)
206bd07c 004900ec
206bd084 004900ec

Climb = Proxy Jump / Sling Shot Off
206bd07c 00490140
206bd084 00490170


The Puppet Routine
200C6000 3C080071
200C6004 3C09000C
200C6008 85083D5C
200C600C 3C0C0071
200C6010 8D8DF868
200C6014 8DAE00DC
200C6018 8DCD0030
200C601C 25CB03FC
200C6020 25CC001C
200C6024 8D2A7000
200C6028 11400009
200C602C C5207004
200C6030 C5217008
200C6034 C522700C
200C6038 E5A00040
200C603C E5A10044
200C6040 E5A20048
200C6044 E5800000
200C6048 E5810004
200C604C E5820008
200C6050 240ABD7F
200C6054 150A0008
200C6058 240B0001
200C605C AD2B7000
200C6060 C5800000
200C6064 C5810004
200C6068 C5820008
200C606C E5207004
200C6070 E5217008
200C6074 E522700C
200C6078 240ABDDF
200C607C 150A0002
200C6080 240B0000
200C6084 AD2B7000
200C6088 240AFF7F
200C608C 150A0004
200C6090 C5207010
200C6094 C5217004
200C6098 46010040
200C609C E5217004
200C60A0 240AFFDF
200C60A4 150A0004
200C60A8 C5207014
200C60AC C5217004
200C60B0 46010040
200C60B4 E5217004
200C60B8 240AFFFB
200C60BC 150A0004
200C60C0 C5207010
200C60C4 C5217008
200C60C8 46010040
200C60CC E5217008
200C60D0 240AFFFD
200C60D4 150A0004
200C60D8 C5207014
200C60DC C5217008
200C60E0 46010040
200C60E4 E5217008
200C60E8 240AFFEF
200C60EC 150A0004
200C60F0 C5207010
200C60F4 C521700C
200C60F8 46010040
200C60FC E521700C
200C6100 240AFFBF
200C6104 150A0004
200C6108 C5207014
200C610C C521700C
200C6110 46010040
200C6114 E521700C
200C6118 240AFF6F
200C611C 150A0007
200C6120 C5207010
200C6124 C5217004
200C6128 46010040
200C612C E5217004
200C6130 C521700C
200C6134 46010040
200C6138 E521700C
200C613C 240AFF9F
200C6140 150A0007
200C6144 C5207014
200C6148 C5217004
200C614C 46010040
200C6150 E5217004
200C6154 C521700C
200C6158 46010040
200C615C E521700C
200C6160 240AFFCF
200C6164 150A0008
200C6168 C5207014
200C616C C5217004
200C6170 46010040
200C6174 E5217004
200C6178 C5207010
200C617C C521700C
200C6180 46010040
200C6184 E521700C
200C6188 240AFF3F
200C618C 150A0008
200C6190 C5207010
200C6194 C5217004
200C6198 46010040
200C619C E5217004
200C61A0 C5207014
200C61A4 C521700C
200C61A8 46010040
200C61AC E521700C
200C61B0 8C830030
200C61B4 C4600040
200C61B8 C4610044
200C61BC C4620048
200C61C0 E480001C
200C61C4 E4810020
200C61C8 E4820024
200C61CC 03e00008
200C7010 3f800000
200C7014 bf800000

The Puppet Hook On
206e5370 000c6000

The Puppet Hook Off
206e5370 0027a9a0

The Puppet Instructions:
R2 + X + Left = Reset / Activate Puppet
R2 + X + Right = Clear / Deactivate Puppet
Left (D-Pad) = Move East
Right (D-Pad) = Move West
Up (D-Pad) = Move South
Down (D-Pad) = Move North
R3 = Move Up (Vertically)
L3 = Move Down (Vertically)

Credit: Gtlcpimp

Teleport To Crosshairs Routine
200C4000 8C830030
200C4004 C4600040
200C4008 E480001C
200C400C C4600044
200C4010 E4800020
200C4014 C4600048
200C4018 E4800024
200C401C 3C080071
200C4020 3C09000C
200C4024 3C0A0071
200C4028 8D4BF868
200C402C 85083D5C
200C4030 100B000B
200C4034 240ABDFF
200C4038 15480009
200C403C 8D6A00DC
200C4040 254B03FC
200C4044 254C001C
200C4048 C5600000
200C404C C5610004
200C4050 C5620008
200C4054 E5800000
200C4058 E5810004
200C405C E5820008
200C4060 03e00008
200C4064 00000000

Hook On
206e5370 000c4000

Hook Off
206e5370 0027a9a0

R2 + X = Teleport

Credit: Gtlcpimp

Customized Rapid Switch Teams Routine
200c3000 27BDFFE0
200c3004 3C020074
200c3008 FFBF0000
200c300c 9042DF00
200c3010 10000000
200c3014 AFA4001C
200c3018 3C040074
200c3020 2484DF00
200c3024 3C030074
200c3028 9063DF00
200c302c 10000000
200c3030 0040202D
200c3034 0C0D622C
200c3038 00000000
200c303c 10000011
200c3040 DFBF0000
200c3044 3C040074
200c3048 0C0D9744
200c304c 2484DF00
200c3050 3C030074
200c3054 3C040074
200c3058 8C67D1B0
200c305c 2484DF00
200c3060 24050040
200c3064 0040302D
200c3068 24080004
200c306c 27A9001C
200c3070 0C0D939C
200c3074 0000502D
200c3078 1000FFF0
200c307c 00000000
200c3080 DFBF0000
200c3084 03E00008
200c3088 27BD0020

Rapid Switch Random Player Teams 1
200c301c 0c0d9730
206e5370 000c3000

Rapid Switch Random Player Teams 2
200c301c 0c0d9744
206e5370 000c3000

Rapid Switch Random Player Teams 3
200c301c 0c0d9764
206e5370 000c3000

Rapid Switch Own Teams
200c301c 0c0d9754
206e5370 000c3000

Rapid Switch Off
206e5370 0027a9a0

Credit: Gtlcpimp


-= Notes =-
Universal Stack Copier:
Step 1) Activate the Stack Copier; Your player will not be able to move for about 8 to 10 seconds. DO NOT DO ANYTHING DURING THIS TIME. You must wait until it is finished. You will know when it is done because you will be able to move again.

Step 2) Activate the Stack; This enables you to use the codes found above.

Imposter Theif:

While the Imposter Theif is turned on, all you have to do is highlight your victim with your crosshairs. You will know if you have highlighted them because the crosshairs will change colors based on what team they are on compared to what team you are on. Then leave the room you are in and re-join it. Your Imposter name will be whatever your victims name was. If you keep it turned on, then whoever you highlight will be your next victim. So if you want to keep the name you stole, then turn it off after you steal it.


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